Our Production Production

more than just a shoe

At DIEBA, quality is more than a label. And so, our whole production process is characterized by detail, dedication and rigor.

It is by the hand of 48 expert workers and through the renovation and modernization of production equipment that each of DIEBA's shoes are carefully developed and produced.

The focus on innovation and quality is present in the whole production process: from the choice of the best materials to the creation of a unique final product.

More than 30 years of experience

With over 30 years of experience, at Dieba we bet on deepening our knowledge of the industry, following the latest trends both in fashion, materials and design as well as in the techniques used in the production of a shoe.

In this way, our know-how allows us to develop a unique and technically contemporay product that guarantees, at the same time, a great relationship between price and quality.

We have been recognized with the SME Excellence statute

Certified quality

Being an SME Excellence means we have a business qualification status by IAPMEI and Tourism of Portugal. This selection is based on certain evaluation criteria such as the Business Volume, the Financial Autonomy,

the Return on of the Equity and of the Net Assets. This award positively distinguishes companies that annually present the best results in terms of economic and financial performance.

Across borders

We work proudly with prestigious brands in various parts of the world